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Radio has always been wireless, but now you don’t need a radio. With a PC from our station websites, tablet on the web or app, Smartphone with the new SBC App or Amazon Echo you can listen to all of our stations crystal clear from anywhere. The App is available to Android and iOS users from Google Play or the App Store. The Amazon Echo Skill is available on the Alexa App. 


It’s mobile smartphone advertising designed and executed by our SBC Media Partners team located right here in the Susquehanna Valley. With over 70% of all phones being smartphones, we can target specific geographic locations to reach your target demo. We can even target your competition’s customers! We setup a virtual perimeter for any real-world geographic area. 

Targeted Display

Direct your message to a pinpoint audience with Targeted Display Advertising designed and executed by our SBC Media Partners team located right here in the Susquehanna Valley. Have your message on computers, laptops and mobile devices using the top Comscore websites. Websites that are tailored to the demographic of customer you want to reach, and to just the areas your business serves or markets you want to expand into.

Connected TV

Directly target your most valued consumers with measurable results while they stream their favorite programming in a way never before possible with traditional TV. The rise of cord cutting and on-demand streaming has opened up new ways for advertisers to target their core audiences and measure the results of their efforts by combining the impact of TV with the precision of digital advertising. With Connected TV from SBC Media Partners, advertisers can now target, measure and re-target the digital TV-viewing audience on Hulu, network TV apps and event DirecTV Now and Sling TV customers via Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Smart TVs.

Enhanced Email

Enhanced Email is a superior new email marketing solution guarantees advertisers HIGHER click-throughs plus INCREASED website traffic and conversion versus standard email marketing – all with the most efficient price point in the industry! Enhanced Email allows advertisers to hyper-target their audience where they are engaged most and drive these customers to their website, and has a 100% BOT-FREE GUARANTEE! SBC Media Partners can setup your campaign in minutes, and even help you with your email design.

Half Price Susquehanna Valley

Get your business or restaurant involved in one of the best promotions in The Valley. We bring paying customers to your door through the air and radio with our Half Priced Deals. We’ve worked out deals with some of our area’s best restaurants and businesses to give you 1/2 off gift certificates – That’s right, 50% off food and more!

On select Wednesdays we will feature a business of the week. At 9:00 AM that Wednesday, we’ll open up the ONLINE store for that week’s business. But you have to be fast – we are only able to provide a limited number of gift certificates per week.

Webpage Banners

Looking to get in front of even more eyes? Check out EXCLUSIVE webpage banners on WKOK.com and WQKX.com. Talk about visibility, our two webpages combine for over 350,000 page views per month. Imagine those page viewers seeing your ad, and clicking over to your site for your amazing offer!



As members of the Radio Advertising Bureau, we have immediate access to a wide variety of national research. Whether you need information on your business category or promotional ideas….we can help. R.A.B. also provides  research on listener habits and trends…all available to our clients at no charge.

Copy & Production

We employ a full-time Production Director and Copy Writer in addition to our full-time staff of ten professional “voices.” We have a wide range of production music and sound effects available for your use. Every step of the creative process is handled in-house.

Special Events

We have a range of amazing events that we host. We provide our clients prime time locations to be seen, plus we put you on the radio to let people know where to find you.


Duplicating & Distribution

Should you need additional copies of your commercial to air on other broadcast outlets, we provide our clients duplication and distribution service at no additional cost.


SBC Media Partners with Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation can have your product or service featured on Morgan in the Morning on 94.1 WQKX. This is your chance to show off your product or service directly to our listeners during a segment of the show. We’ll also post video of your appearance on our Social Media pages, and have the segment added to the Morgan in the Morning Podcast that day.